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Telehealth Sessions During COVID-19 - Florida Residents

Telehealth Therapy Sessions for Florida Residents Experiencing Anxiety from Covid-19 Restrictions


Telehealth psychologist services include the use of computers, tablets or phones to connect us remotely. This means that our treatment sessions provide the luxury of being received by you at any location of your choosing, without the need to travel to my office. Many of my clients choose to receive sessions from their homes or offices which provides convenience in addition to privacy and saves time for them. It also eliminates concerns regarding social (e.g. physical) distancing during the current Covid-19 pandemic. I am pleased to be able to offer my services to individuals who are unable to be present for in-office appointments due to distance or other obstacles.

Recent surveys show up to 1/3 of the American public is experiencing anxiety as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is an emotional response to an anticipated future threat.

Managing anxiety during challenging times including the impact of Covid-19 on your life is an area that I can assist you with through my specialized training in health management and behavior therapy (e.g. CBT). The basic steps to overcoming anxiety include as follows:


1) Understanding how to avoid exposure to Covid-19 by doing the following: maintain adequate physical distance from others, avoid touching your face, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and wear a mask when out in public. Once you practice these safe hygiene steps your risks of exposure will be greatly reduced and you will begin to feel less anxious.

2) Understand which thoughts may trigger your anxiety through observation of your thoughts by careful journaling which I can help you learn through our telehealth sessions.

3) Recognize your physical (sweating, heart-rate, sleep difficulty) and mental signs (worry, fear, distraction) of anxiety. 

4) Learn new coping skills through our telehealth sessions (relaxation training, diaphragmatic breathing techniques, problem-solving and maintaining your social connections while staying safe during Covid-19). I offer daily appointment options for telehealth sessions which also have the benefit of greater flexibility as they can be arranged before or after standard business hours. As a licensed psychologist in Florida, I work with many individuals remotely as physical distance is not a barrier to my ability to assist you. Please feel free to contact my office through e-mail:  [email protected] or phone: 770-396-2206 to obtain an appointment within 24 hours.

Dr. Mark D. Ackerman is a licensed psychologist in Georgia and Florida and provides in-person and remote, telehealth therapy appointments





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