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Mental Status Examination

Dr. Mark Ackerman specializes in conducting mental status examinations and generating forensic evaluative reports for attorneys.

Mental status examinations are frequently requested by attorneys or the court system to provide a better understanding of an individual's behavior or cognitive functioning (e.g. memory, attention deficit) and to address mitigating factors, probation or sentencing. My evaluation is designed to assist the trier of fact to better understand personality architecture and provide a measure of psychopathology depending on the nature of the legal charges. Where indicated, my report may also include a formal assessment for psychopathy or antisocial personality style. The need for such evaluations usually arises within a criminal context, and examples of cases that I have worked with include arrest for DUI, violence (e.g. homicide), a work violation (e.g. cyber crime) or a sexual crime. I also provide parental capacity psycho-diagnostic evaluations in child protection matters. The mental status examination that I conduct is quite thorough and includes observation, specific questioning, history-taking, and objective psychological testing. The psychological testing includes validated measures that screen for malingering and deception so that where necessary, exaggerated or feigned symptoms can be recognized. Information obtained through collateral interviews and medical or psychiatric treatment records and legal documents is also often considered. Following this an evaluative report is generated to answer the referral question which may be used to assist with the legal process. I have training and expertise as an expert witness and have testified in court within both civil and criminal contexts. Please click here to learn more.

I am a licensed psychologist in the States of Georgia and Florida. My practice is located in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, just off I-85 and North Druid Hills Road exit on Buford Highway. Please call or send an e-mail for inquiries concerning any questions that you may have concering the mental status evaluation or psychological testing. 


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