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Attention Deficit Disorder Evaluation & Treatment

Dr. Mark Ackerman specializes in ADD evaluation and treatment for adults and adolescents at his Atlanta, GA office.

 "Do I have ADD?" seems to be a common concern that many in our culture share as a result of feeling distracted at times and  unable to focus due to multiple responsibilities.  Let's first define what ADD is, and review some of the more common symptoms that can occur with this disorder. Most disorders of attention and hyperactivity appear first during the childhood years, though they may not always be easily recognized and are often misdiagnosed or overlooked, though school performance is usually impacted. Adults with ADD usually complain of difficulty with concentration, attention, staying on task, short-term memory lapses, chaotic or impulsive lifestyles, and difficulty getting organized.  Depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, and recreational drug abuse may frequently occur along with ADD. Usually, the diagnosis of ADD can be made through a thorough evaluation at my office in which we will review your childhood, school and work performance, relationships, current symptoms and results of rating scales and performance tests which I will administer. If the results suggest ADD, there are many steps that can be taken to improve your functioning, including behavioral counseling and possibly stimulant medication. The need for ADD stimulant medication can usually be determined through the in-office evaluation and if indicated, I will assist you in locating a provider who can prescribe and work closely with me to help you overcome your most troublesome symptoms and return to full functioning.

The following educational and counseling approaches are offered at my office:

  • Recognizing  and understanding ADD symptoms
  • Managing ADD through accomodations in the school and workplace setting
  • Controlling ADD through cognitive change strategies
  • Time management and organizational training
  • Developing confidence and improving self-esteem despite ADD
  • Achieving success with work and personal relationships
  • Understanding ADD medications and their role in treatment

I am a licensed psychologist in the States of Georgia and Florida. My practice is located in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, just off I-85 and North Druid Hills Road exit on Buford Highway. I provide expert diagnosis and management of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Please call or send  an e-mail and we can work together to find a solution that will allow you to overcome this difficulty.

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